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Sept 8th to 11th 2011
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Copenhagen - Denmark
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Koksijde - Belgium
28-29 January 2012


Melbourne - Australia
04-08 April 2012

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for Cyclists



Interested in officiating? Ever wonder how to get started? The Canadian Cycling officiating program is for anyone interested in officiating the great sport of cycling, from local race to international events. There are 3 main levels in the program; Provincials commissaires, National commissaires and international commissaires.

Schedule of Officiating Courses

Development guidelines

*The following table provides a guideline for upgrading of provincial level commissaires. *Provinces may institute their own upgrading process.


Minimum Requirements to Attain Level

Events you can work at this level

Minimum Requirements To Proceed to Upgrade

Minimum Time at level

Technical Assistant

Eager to learn

Regional and provincial level races

Minimum of 2 races


Commissaire C

Follow Provincial course in specific sector

Pass a written exam

Provincial level races

Minimum of 2 races

3 years

C to B

Assist the college of commissaires at Provincial level races

College member at  provincial races

Assistant to national  level races

Minimum of 3 races

B to A

Work as college member at a minimum of 2 races/year

Work as chief at a provincial level race

Recommendation of Provincial Chief Commissaire

Chief at provincial races

College member for national level races

Assistant to international races

Minimum of 3 races

The following table provides the upgrading process for National and International Level Commissaires

A to National

Follow the national commissaire course

Pass a written, oral and practical exam

Chief commissaire at a minimum of 2 provincial races

College member at a minimum of 1 national event

Recommendation of Provincial Chief Commissaire

Work at provincial and national races as college member

College member at international races

Minimum of 5 races

2 years

National to UCI

Must work all the positions on the College including 2 different positions on a national or international College

Apply to the CCAOC to be considered for the UCI course

Be accepted by the UCI

Pass the written and oral UCI exam

Must be between 25 and 50 years of age

Work at all races in  the specific specialty

Minimum of 5 races

2 years




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