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Sept 8th to 11th 2011
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Copenhagen - Denmark
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Koksijde - Belgium
28-29 January 2012


Melbourne - Australia
04-08 April 2012

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Custom-Blended Nutrition Solutions
for Cyclists



Kids CAN-BIKE Festival - ages 8 - 13

Introduces children to key bicycle handling skills necessary for safe riding, as well as correct helmet use, checking bicycles for mechanical problems, and preventing bicycle thefts. It is the first step in the Canadian Cycling Association's CAN-BIKE program. For cyclists under age 9, the Festival presents the Young Riders Centre, where parents and caregivers work with their children to develop safe habits and attitudes.
Kids CAN-BIKE Course - ages 9 - 14 Basic cycling course for young beginners. Teaches essential bicycle handling and traffic skills required for children to become competent and safe cyclists on two-lane residential streets in their neighbourhoods. Includes basic maintenance requirements for safe and proper use of bicycles for riding alone or in groups. Five sessions, 2 to 3 hours each (approximately 30 minutes per session in classroom), total 10 to 15 hours including examination.


Adult Learn To Ride 1

A course for adults who cannot ride a bike. You will learn to balance, start, stop and turn. One session, 3 hours.

Adult Learn to Ride 2

A course for adults who are too unsteady to ride on streets. You will learn to balance, start, turn and use your gears with confidence. One session, three hours.

CAN-BIKE TRAFFIC SKILLS - (ages 14 and over)

This is an 8 hour course offered in one day or over two days consisting of practical tips and strategies to keep you and your bike going safely and enjoyably through most traffic and road conditions. Emphasis is placed on common and serious hazards for cyclists, proper lane positioning and negotiating with other traffic. You will also learn the quickest way to fix a flat, how to make your bike more comfortable to ride as well as locking equipment and techniques.

CAN-BIKE Traffic Skills for Seniors - (ages 55 and over)

This is a two day (8 hour) course that covers the regular CAN-BIKE Traffic Skills curriculum with specific for the elderly rider and taught by two instructors. max: 10 students per class

Introduction to Cycling Skills - ages 14 and older (10 and older when accompanied by parent)

Basic hands-on skills development course for beginning cyclists. Its goal is to give new cyclists the encouragement, confidence and motivation to increase their bicycle use and to seek out more advanced cycling instruction. Includes bicycle care and operation, basic traffic and riding skills. Two sessions, one morning and one afternoon (can be presented on separate days); 6 hours total.

CAN-BIKE Skills I - ages 15 and up

This course is designed for beginners and occasional cyclists. Teaches skills to enable cyclists to ride confidently and safely for utilitarian and recreational purposes. Content includes bicycle care, minor repairs, riding techniques, detecting and avoiding hazards, and emergency maneuvers. Total 12 - 15 hours.

CAN-BIKE Cycling Freedom for Women

This is a course for women, taught by women. The course content is similar to CAN-BIKE Skills I, but addresses specific concerns such as security at night and riding with children. Total 12 - 15 hours.


CAN-BIKE Skills II - ages 14 and up

This is an advanced course in defensive cycling for commuters and recreational cyclists who already ride in traffic. This is the premier course in the CAN-BIKE program. It's also the most popular, and it's the prerequisite to becoming an instructor. A combination of classroom sessions and outdoor riding helps you improve your skill and confidence in challenging traffic situations. Covers riding skills, traffic cycling proficiency, bicycle maintenance, health and fitness, equipment, and bicycle consumerism. You do not have to take CAN-BIKE Skills I before taking this course. Students should have some cycling background and recent experience; if not licensed motorist, student should read and understand provincial driver's manual in advance. Total 18 - 22 hours. Kids CAN-BIKE Instructor Seminar - ages 18 and up Four-hour seminar, including festival demonstration. Skills II Instructor Workshop - ages 16 and up Two-to-four day workshop, including written exam, instructor road exam and handling skills test.




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