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Sept 8th to 11th 2011
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Copenhagen - Denmark
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Koksijde - Belgium
28-29 January 2012


Melbourne - Australia
04-08 April 2012

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11.04.09 - David Boily Aggressive In World Cup Scratch Race

Nov. 4, 2009 - The 10K Scratch race qualifier was fast right from the start. It took 10 laps before a group of 3 riders lapped the field. With 20 starters, only 12 make it through to the final. The race moved well, with home town favourite Chris Newton not getting any cooperation from the pack, he was doing most of the work. In the last 8 laps a break went with 5 athletes, Chris Newton was one of them and so was David. David knew this was his chance, so he fought hard, worked with the group to stay away from the pack and qualify for the final by placing 6th.

The final scratch race was fast! With 60 laps of all out chasing, David was active in the pack, trying to get away with a group. The first group of 5 that went didn’t seem threatening, but all of a sudden a few guys off the front joined the break and they started gaining distance on the pack! This was the only time anyone lapped the pack. Chris Newton had no help, and tried desperately to gain a lap. He became frustrated and saw the race leaving him behind. The scratch race was over before you knew it. On the last lap, David managed to sprint for 17th place even rubbing elbows for positioning with another rider. David seemed at ease with the situation and just wanted to cross the finish line as soon as possible.

David rode fantastic in both the Scratch and Points races. He represented Canada well, and definitely made a lasting first impression on the field.

Team Canada will be made up of Travis Smith and Jacob Schwingboth for the second round of World Cups in Melbourne, Australia from Nov. 19-21. Travis is currently in Perth for a Grand Prix.

The third World Cup in Cali, Columbia from Dec. 10-12, will have a large Canadian contingent with the following riders:

Zach Bell
Jacob Schwingboth
Mark MacDonald
Tim Sherstobitoff
Travis Smith
Joseph Veloce
Stephane Cossette
Tara Whitten
Laura Brown
Steph Roorda
Monique Sullivan


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