About Track Cycling in Canada

How to Become Involved in Cycling in Canada

The Canadian Cycling Community relies on competitive cyclists, recreational riders, volunteers, organizers, and financial supporters.   There are many ways to become involved in the sport locally and nationally and listed below are some resources to help you get started.


Provincial Associations

Each Province has a cycling governing body that supports cyclists of all ages and abilities, across all disciplines, and is always interested in hearing from people who would like to compete, volunteer, organize events, or offer support.  If you are interested in racing on the road, competing in a mountain bike race, trying BMX or Track cycling, or finding out what opportunities there are for para-athletes, then contact your local Provincial Association:


National Team Programs

The focus of the Canadian Cycling Association is on the high performance aspect of the sport and to support the national team and projects.  Work is being done to prepare Canadian athletes for World Cups, World Championships, Commonwealth and Pan American Games, and the Olympics.  Presently, almost all National Team members pay a portion, if not all of their costs to attend training camps and international races.  To find out more about the National Teams and Programs and how to become involved as a competitor and/or supporter then click on the following links or contact the sport coordinator.


Needed Support

Athletes areresponsible for covering some, if not all, of their costs to attend training camps, domestic and international races, World Cups, and World Championships.  The Canadian team operates on a fraction of the budget of the leading cycling nations and any financial support will help Olympic and World Champion targeted athletes with better training and preparation leading in to the important events as well as foster development riders.  Tara Whitten, a two time World Champion at the 2010 Track World Championships, attributes her success to being able to train on a World Class velodrome in LA for three months before the competition, with a cutting edge motorbike, access to scientific initiatives and medical personel, as well as the support staff at the events.  Unfortunately, not all athletes can afford the resources that Tara accessed over the past year and helped her towards winning gold medals throughout the season.

If you would like to sponsor a project, a team, an event, or would like to make a donation to help our athletes win medals please contact us:

613-248-1353 extension 2600