Science and Medicine Resources

Science and Medicine Resources



Concussion Protocol, Assessment Tool, and Education Card: The CCA's concussion management documents, developed by our Medical Team to be specific to cycling and the structure of our team.

Maintaining Optimal Health: A great guide to staying healthy and managing illness, from CSC-Pacific

Handwashing: One of the best ways to stay healthy is to learn to wash your hands properly... here are some good instructions

Travel Health Clinics: If you're going to be travelling with the team, it's worth making sure your vacinnations are up to date at a travel clinic near you. You can find one on this website.



Maximizing Recovery: Tips on getting the most out of your training by recovering as quickly as possible



CCA Supplement Strategy: Some guidelines on use of supplements and how to source 'safe' supplements

Cooking on the Road: Recipes for riders staying in hotels with or without a microwave and a fridge

One week of recipes & grocery list: New to shopping and cooking for yourself for a training camp or race? Here are some meal ideas, with easy recipes and the grocery list you'll need to cook them.



CCA Anti-Doping Resource: A summary of information from CCES, UCI, WADA, etc, with links to more information

WADA: The WADA website is an excellent place to start if you have questions about anti-doping

CCES: Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport has some great information, education, and resources for athletes

UCI: The UCI has information specific to cycling, including a good online education tool called "True Champion or Cheat" that anyone can complete. This course is mandatory for any rider in the UCI's Registered Testing Pool (to see the RTP list, go here)

UCI Mandatory Medical Monitoring: Check here to see if you are on the list of riders who need to complete specific tests within the defined periods


Canadian Sport Centres:

Many of our services are provided through the CSC network. To access these, you need to be on the current National Team list and/or carded, and you need to register with the CSC near you. Information on how to do this is on the following sites:



CSC-Ontario: Contact the Athlete Services Manager, Wendy Dobbin, listed here




CSC-Pacific: Eligibility info



Lab Testing:

CCA National Lab Testing Protocols: The current version of our protocols.